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Our Humble Beginnings

Sofawolf Press was born in October 1999 without much thought going into it at all. A friend had written yet another really good story, and we were idly discussing places where he could submit it in the hopes of seeing it in print. We systematically considered and rejected all the magazines then being published in the anthropomorphic fandom for being either too sporadic, too low-quality, restricted to shared world fiction, or just not appropriate for his theme. The rest of the conversation went something like this:

"It's too bad Mythagoras isn't around anymore."

"Yeah! That was a nice publication while it lasted. Nice breadth of stories, good quality, and a great overall package."

"You should do a magazine like that again so you can print my story in it."

"Oh should I? Okay, but only if you help me."

And so the idea for our flagship magazine Anthrolations was born, though it took us a bit of time to come up with the name... and the company around it... and all the publishing law, business, and accounting procedures... and learning all about desktop publishing, and printing, and magazine design...

Now as we enter our third year of operation and look to the future, it is rather daunting to look back and see all that we have accomplished in such a short time. At times it has seemed nearly effortless, and at times we'd have gladly traded places with Sisyphus--but there's no doubt that it would have been harder, if not impossible, without the talents of some great people.

The Sofawolf Press Staff

Jeff Eddy [Chief Publisher & Chief of Finance]
When not surrounded by foxes, computers, piles of story submissions, or tumbleweeds of Husky fur, Jeff is probably on vacation or asleep. Neither occurs very often. He currently works as a small business information systems consultant in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul metro area.

Tim Susman [Chief of Operations]
Tim has been writing for about sixteen years, and is starting to get terrible hand cramps. As a diversion, he tries to interfere in other people's stories when they'll let him, or draws cute fox pictures in the margins if they won't. He is currently living in Sunnyvale, CA.


Mike McAdam [Marketing, Advertising & Promotion Consultant]
<Bio to come>

J. Scott Rogers [Associate Editor]
Originally from the quaking lands of Southern California, he has since emigrated to the Heart of the Commonwealth (of Massachusetts), questing for a career in Biomedical research science and a cure for Toyota-swallowing potholes. He normally spends his time studying stress activated proteins, eavesdropping on how they talk with one another, and finagling them into a research patent so cunning you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel. He's written a few bits of anthropomorphic fiction when Emmy, his Boa constrictor, isn't wrapped around his head; though it has been suggested that it would improve his writing a great deal.

Alopex [Associate Editor]
Alopex was dragged kicking and screaming into the service of Sofawolf Press because he was tired of hearing Jeff compain about having to do everything. When not spotting nonstandard uses of punctuation or scritching the Chief Executive Mascot, he attempts to divide his time between costume commissions and being chef/supervisor at a neighborhood bistro. So far he has managed to avoid confusing his vocations and showing up for work in fox costume. He wishes he had more time to devote to such hobbies as writing, juggling, (uni)cycling, playing the dulcimer, and pursuing his Ph.D. in Conservation Biology.

Feather's Spirit of Rio [Chief Executive Mascot]
Rio was born in South Lyndeboro, NH to Feather's Natasha Nogoodnick and Blackstar's Black Jack's Wild. At the tender age of 8 weeks she moved to Cape Cod, MA to live with a human and has not spoken to her parents since. She recently moved to Saint Paul, MN in the hopes of seeing more snow.

Nighfox & Jaryic [European Sales Management]
<Bio to come>

The Future?

We have a lot planned for the next 2-3 years as we continue to expand our name recognition and build a wider base of publications that should appeal to all. If you like what we have to offer, tell your friends! We'll continue to grow and offer you the best anthropomorphic fiction we can find.


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