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Submitting Material

Below, in a sort of roughly organized fashion, you will find information about submitting material to Sofawolf Press for consideration. We take submissions of stories for Anthrolations on an ongoing basis, with submissions for other projects announced as required. Illustration work is done on an individual basis for printed stories, but feel free to send us links to samples of your work online and we will keep you in mind for future stories that we feel match your style.

We are not taking manuscripts or submissions of novel-length material at this time.

Accepted stories and artwork remain the exclusive copyright of the artist or author, who will sign and return a consent form for Sofawolf Press's limited right to publish the material as designated. The Sofawolf Press editorial staff have final say as to suitability of material submitted for consideration.

Please post your submissions to:

Sofawolf Press
Po Box 8133
Saint Paul, MN, USA

Anthrolations Submissions

Theme & Subject Matter

The general theme of the magazine is 'relationships' -- this includes romantic, combative, professional, familial, and most any other variation you can think of. Stories should center around the main character's interaction with others around him or her, and how it changes their direction in life -- for good or bad (or how it destroys those around them without changing THEM at all). The main character should be anthropomorphic or zoomorphic. They may draw on most any genre that lends itself to good short stories. Submission of werewolf (and other were-critters) and monster stories IS welcome, but they must be a cut above the typical for any chance of acceptance.

Subject matter must be PG-13 or light R in nature -- no more explicit than you might see on American cable TV channels during prime time hours. Violence and coarse language are acceptable, as are sexual themes and situations. Just make sure to cover the naughty bits with a sheet or a towel (metaphorically, of course).

Length & Format

Stories should be between 3,000 and 6,000 words in length generally -- though longer (or shorter...) works happily considered as we have space. Submissions accepted by email only, preferably plain text with markup codes if required -- but I'll work with whatever you send me. Email to Please be sure to note your name, address, and email on the top of the submission. I clip them out of the email (if you send it in-line) and put it into a directory with a queue number, and it helps me to not have to try to match them back up to the emails later when I need to contact you...

Payment Rates

Stories accepted for publication will be paid at a rate of $0.005 per word. Art accepted for publication will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis, but will usually be in the range of $5 to $25, depending on size, complexity, and location in the magazine (ie: a full-page illo for the centerfold story will pay higher than a full page elsewhere. Cover art higher still...)


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