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What's New?

June 2003

HistoriMorphs is being reprinted at the moment and will be back in stock for Eurofurence.

A quick update to add the two new products which will be available for sale at Anthrocon, Comic Con and Eurofurence this year.

Anthrolations #7 is due in time for Midwest Furfest, and get ready to return to snowy New Tibet in the second installment: Shadows in Snow, due in January.

Also watch for a website redesign and other great stuff around the end of the summer.

March 2003

Now it's done. After a few weeks of hard work on our german website and the shop, Sofawolf Press Europe goes online. From now on we sell Sofawolf Products directly in Europe, without all the problems you have to deal with when you order stuff from the USA.

Your advantages:

  • low shipping costs
  • fast delivery
  • no customfees
  • paying without credit card

  • We can also be found at many European Furry Conventions where you can browse through our fine publications directely on our table.

    Fresh from print: Anthrolations Issue #6 is now available. Our first full color front and back cover issue! Anthrolations #6 again features some outstanding stories and artwork.

    Upcoming Events

    Sofawolf Press Europa live at:

    Eurofurence 9 21.08.2003 - 24.08.2003 in Samopše, Czech Republic


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